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Heatseeker EP

by Isotopes



released April 21, 2009

#13 Evan October LV/G
#17 Justin Safely BV/G
#79 Cutter Sharpe BG
#7 Tony Hustle D

Produced by Jesse Gander and Evan October. Recorded and mixed winter '08 - '09 by Jesse Gander at the Hive in Burnaby, British Columbia. Mastered by Stu McKillop at some guy's house January 20th, 2009. Recording assistance provided by Tanis Gibbons. Clutch pinch vocal performance delivered by Mikey Screwdriver. Laser effects performed by Jesse Gander. Photos by Steve Louie and Femke Van Delft. Art & Layout by Evan October. All songs written by Evan October. (C) 2008 Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club (SOCAN) and (P) 2009 643 Records. This sound recording is property of the Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club and may not be reproduced or retransmitted without the expressed written consent of the IPRBC and 643 Records.



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Isotopes Vancouver, British Columbia

The World's Greatest Baseball Punk Band.


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Track Name: Heatseeker
They call me the Bazooka
Headhunter on the hill
If I can't get the strike out
At least I'll get the kill
In 3-0 situations
I never miss my spot
Dead-red is where he's looking
A green light is what he's got

Drafted straight out of highschool
Paid for my expertise
By any means required
I will prevent the squeeze
Renowned for my precision
Instincts and acumen
In a late-inning ambush
No run will be let in
Track Name: Suicide Squeeze
We're tied and it is getting late
We'll manufacture our own fate
They won't believe we did it
First move and I'm committed

The desperation has set in
We'll sacrifice to get the win
We'll be widely reputed
If we can execute it

The most important thing is to protect your man
You've got to get it down
And if you pop that five-ounce turd up at the fan
You'll be run out of town

We've got the sign and we're all set
We've got to act without regret
Just like Omar and Ozzie
13 means kamikaze
Track Name: Poison In The Clubhouse
No sacrificing
No compromising
No jeopardizing
Track Name: Infield Fly
When there's runners on first and second or when the Bases are loaded and there's less than two out and There's a pop-up on the infield you better realize the Batter is out even if the ball is dropped therefore the Force is removed and the runners may advance at their Own risk and it's not in effect if there are two out and It's not in effect if there is more than just third Unoccupied and it doesn't apply to a foul ball and it Doesn't apply to a bunt line-drive or Texas-leaguer