Lead​-​Off Single

by Isotopes



“Johnny Ramone would be proud of the style and substance” – Razorcake Fanzine


released March 20, 2007

#13 Evan October LV/G
#17 Justin Safely BV/G
#00 Veteran Matt Dander D

Safely plays bass on the away side.

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Jesse Gander at the Hive Creative Labs, Burnaby, BC.



all rights reserved


Isotopes Vancouver, British Columbia

The World's Greatest Baseball Punk Band.


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Track Name: Around The Horn
I don't care what the other guys all say
When I'm in the line-up you'll do it my way
Never shall the order be reversed
Never shall the ball be thrown to first

On a strike out: 2-5-4-6
On a ground out: 3-6-4-5
On a fly out: eat it, rookie.

I don't care what the other clubs all do
We're not gonna look like a two-bit ball crew
This ain't something that's done on pop flies
This ain't something up for compromise
Track Name: You Gotta Freeze
Freeze on a line drive or you're liable to get doubled off
Make sure that frozen rope ain't caught
And if that ball gets through the infield
And you're quicker than Dave Winfield
You should advance at least a base or two

Freeze on a line drive don't run your team out of the game
Or you'll put your whole town to shame
And your coach will sit you on the bench
And your dad will punch you in the head
For wasting all his money, you Goat, you'll never make it

Only rookie wimps get doubled off